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Bowel preparation for CT Colonography

You have an appointment for CT Colonography on

To be able to visualize the large intestine clearly, it is necessary to have a clean large intestine. If the large intestine still has faeces during the procedure, it is easy to miss important conditions and the procedure will be considered suboptimal or incomplete.

In order to achieve a clean large intestine, you are advised to follow this regime carefully.

Bowel preparation

A low fibre diet is necessary.
Avoid all fruit, vegetables and meat for at least 2 days.

The day before the examination:
8 am Light Breakfast
(eg. coffee, tea, white bread, soup)
12 noon Light Lunch
(eg. porridge, white bread, noodles, soup)
3.30pm A Drink (tea)
6.00pm Light Dinner
(eg. porridge, white bread, noodles, soup)
7.00pm Start Drinking Solution
Mix two sachets of Fortrans with 1 (one) litre of water each.
Drink both litres over the next 3 (three hours).
You may continue to consume clear fluids till midnight.
The day of the examination:
6 am Mix the third sachet of Fortrans with 1 litre of water and drink mixture over 1 hour.
Fast after 7 am.
  Note: You will experience loose stool when on this medication.
On the morning of the examination, you should only be passing light coloured fluid.